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Below are links to web sites of other people and organisations that might be of interest to you. Where appropriate there's a review or a link to a review that provides additional information.

Louise Milner-Smith

Voice and Speech Coach
[Qualified Speech and Language Therapist]

All about Your Voice
Tel: 07941 471 571
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Louise came and spoke to us about the work that she has done and continues to do in the area of voice modification, particularly in relation to transgender people. You can read about her visit to us here.


Femesque are a highly qualified team offering a wide array of exclusive dressing services for the trans gendered and cross dressing community. We are passionate about what we can achieve, having 30 years experience, your dream is our aim. Visit our private, classy studio where will create breathtaking beauty and natural stunning looks. Enter the world of Femesque.

Quite a lot of the Surrey Swans group have visited Femesque and all have had a really great time. Andrea's visit is recorded here. Femesque have also visited Surrey Swans several times ... you can read about some of these visits here and here.

outline based in Surrey provides a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans (LGBT) helpline giving support, advice and information in confidence.  There's also a Facebook page here. And details of social get-togethers here.

MyShowcase Independent Stylist Michelle Piff


Inspiration: Nature. Helping anyone to have a positive mindset. To realise their own beauty and greatness!

Michelle visited Surrey Swans as mentioned here.

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